Punched in the Throat

“I am gonna punch you in the throat.” As much as I am not happy to admit it, This is one of my favorite sayings. I say it a lot, always in jest, but it is just a phrase that sums up my feelings sometimes. I get frustrated at work, I want to punch someone in the throat. Someone cuts me off? Ooh, that guy needs a punch in the throat. Now, I am a lover, not a fighter. I have never truly punched someone ever, except for my brother, but that doesn’t count, and it was never in the throat. So I promise, I always say it in jest. Today though? Today, I felt like I got punched in the throat.

Have you ever had one of those weeks where everything is cruising along, everything is going well? Say for instance, you just started a blog and it has gotten a nice response from your peers so far, you have your first meeting with a coaching client and you are actively pursuing funding yourself to go through formal financial coaching training in the fall (hypothetically speaking of course) and all of a sudden, you just feel like you have been punched in the throat? I had that kind of day today. Was it any one instance? No. It was a myriad of things where fear, anxiety, and confusion team up to create a Dream Team of doom that hasn’t been seen since 1992 (that was for you basketball fans). You know who wins in that instance? Not me!

I am a Christian. It is my belief system that the enemy tends to leave you alone when you are coasting through life. As soon as you find your passion and start pursuing it, BOOM he wakes up and looks for the first opportunity to punch you straight in the throat. Fear, anxiety and confusion are not from the Lord. They are from the enemy, and he is a jerk.

What is my response to this attack? To fight back! Not by actually punching anyone or anything, but to attack by saying “I am not going to be derailed from my dream, I am not backing down.” I also write a blog post! 🙂

Going through your debt elimination process, you will have days like this. Take this as a warning. However, also take this and learn from my feelings. Learn that if an outcome is expected, it isn’t nearly as debilitating as the unexpected can be. This is called disarming your enemy! Disarm and fight back with progress toward your dream! BAM! Take that punch to the throat!


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