Just Between Friends

Well it is summer time and the weather is fine, all cares of the school year are gone. At least that is true if you have school aged children. If you are a parent, you could be thinking ahead already to August/September when the kiddos will be heading back to school. If you are thinking ahead, have you started budgeting for school clothes? Newsflash, your kids will grow this Summer, they will need new clothes and new shoes in just a few months. Well, there is a Summer bummer for you? But wait! There’s more! This post is in the ‘Budget Stretchers’ portion of my blog, I have a big tip to get you prepared to make the school clothes shopping a little easier for those with younger aged children.

A couple of years ago, my sister in law Gretchen, better know as www.thatmamagretchen.com, introduced my lovely bride to a consignment sale group called ‘Just Between Friends’. Telling Tasha about a deal is kinda like tuning into the Discovery Channel and waiting for the lion to pounce on that wounded wildebeest. The hit is coming and it is going to be swift! Tasha researched and found our area not only had a bi-annual sale coming up, but it was to be held at our school building!

I was skeptical at first. Now, nothing against second hand clothes or the Goodwill, I just have some personal nightmares from my childhood with second hand clothes. It involves a pair of jeans bought for me that were tapered, had bows and zipped at the ankle. I was told, not by my parents mind you, that I could just cut off the bows and no one would know they were girls jeans. Oh, they would know…and so would I. I have been scarred ever since, and thanks Dad for saving me on that one.  After Tasha’s first haul home, all skepticism was gone.

This sale is amazing. Tasha was bringing home full name brand outfits that had been gently used and well taken care of at over 75% off retail! I am talking clothes that would take close inspection to even tell that they had ever been worn. She came home with arm loads of clothes and spent just over $100 dollars. We were set for the entire fall/winter seasons in just one trip!

As the school year progressed, word came along that another sale was coming in late winter/early spring to get you ready for the warmer months. This go around, Tasha was going all in. After seeing the quality clothes that came out of the sale and the deals that could be had, Tasha actually decided to become a cosigner herself. KP was growing like a weed and we had all these great clothes that were still in good shape to sell! Our first time selling, we almost broke even. We were able to get all of our spring/summer clothing for virtually the same money that was earned on the gently used clothing we sold. If that doesn’t help stretch the budget, I am not sure what will!

Finding a deal on kids clothes can do wonders for your budget’s bottom line, making money on some old clothes AND keeping your kids in the nicest duds? Now that, is like unleashing a lion onto your debt! You will pounce and make quick work of that as well!

If you are in the Lubbock area check out the sale coming up July 30th-August 2nd. Visit the site here. Tell them the Bossio’s and Cents of Survival sent you!

If you aren’t in Lubbock, look for your local sale…here!


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