Tasha is a 3 year veteran of the ‘Just Between Friends’ sale now and this year, we plan on MAKING MONEY! Blessed with Friday’s off in the summer, Tasha begins hunting for garage sales on Thursday night, and first thing in the morning, she and her partner in deals, our newly turned 5 year old,KP, head out to find deals. They brave the piles of junk, the stacks of books and magazines and dig for children’s clothes in good shape. They keep a eye out, in particularly, for name brand items. Nike, Gap, Children’s Place and Carter’s are the faves. Shoes are also good sellers. Tasha scored a pair of Tom’s for our nephew Max for $3. That is a deal!! When the girls return home with their bounty, the real work begins. After showing me the spoils, Tasha washes ’em up, tags them (you price all your own merchandise, and yes I bought her one of those cool plastic tag guns) and gets them ready to sell. Our living room looks like the back room of a children’s clothing store! Clothes, hangers and boxes strewn about. You know what it also looks like? Money! Come sale time, we gather up the boxes and bags of neatly hung, perfectly cleaned and tagged clothes and make the trek to our school building. Check in, for sellers, is incredibly easy. When you tag your clothes, you enter the information through the JBF website, so all the tags are uniform. Each seller is assigned a seller ID (so everything is safe and secure) and when you arrive, they check you in using that number. Each item is inspected for cleanliness (they are meticulous, which you appreciate so much more when you are a buyer!) and relevance to the seasons in which the sale covers.  When they are finished inspecting your clothing, your job is just about done! The clothes are hung, and the sale begins! Tasha’s favorite part of selling is checking the website each night as the business day closes. JBF updates the site info each day so that you, the consigner, can keep track of how your sales are going. What’s more fun than watching your profits grow each night? At the end of the sale, you have the option to go and pick up what clothes didn’t sell or you can donate them. When you gather your things, be sure to thank the organizers of the sale. They have a huge job and do a great job facilitating the sale. They take good care of not only the cosigners but go to great lengths insuring the quality of items for the buyers as well. The commissions from the sale are mailed out to you quickly after the sale is over. Each of the last couple years, this has become a game for us. Just because we started selling items with JBF, didn’t mean we stopped buying! Our goal each year has been to break even. Sell enough clothes to fully clothe KP for the upcoming year. This year, that goal has changed. We are now planning on making those dollars to keep! Our inventory has grown by leaps and bounds. We bought low and hope to sell with a nice margin. Any dollar that comes in that our budget doesn’t depend on to survive is a bonus! When you have extra cash, it means more money going to your debt payoff. The faster those are paid, the closer you get to financial freedom! Thank you to the ‘Just Between Friends’ sale for helping us to save money and giving us the opportunity to make money! GIVEAWAY UPDATE: Thank you to all that entered! The winner has been notified. Even if you didn’t win, we hope to see you all at the sale! Remember, the sale runs in Lubbock from July 30th -Aug. 2nd. For more info,  check here: JBF

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