Start…means go! My personal path to finding my dream.

As you may have noticed by visiting my “What I Am Reading” section on the blog, I enjoy reading books. Now, this hasn’t always been a thing. In fact for many years, the only thing I read other than my Bible was Sports Illustrated. Yes, SI, cover to cover every week. I had a subscription from 1997 until about 3 years ago (Long story, but I got angry with their customer service department). When I did not renew, I knew I needed to fill the reading space with something useful.

Around the same time of the magazine subscription expiring, Tasha and I were getting heavily involved with Financial Peace University and I was listening to the Dave Ramsey show pretty frequently. One of the big things that Dave talks about is not only his love of books, but how many successful people have no idea who the last person voted off the island was or who won the latest singing contest. Now, full disclosure, when he said that, my first thought was…OOH Survivor is on tonight! Yes!! After the initial burst of excitement, it then donned on me…I need to focus less on the hours and hours of TV I watch and try to fill my brain with something useful. Seeing as how I was listening to Dave’s show just about everyday, I started to jot down a list of books as he would recommend them to listeners or interview the authors on his shows. I was especially captivated by one author, Jon Acuff.

Mr. Acuff wrote a book called “Quitter“. “Quitter”, had a catchy title, one that makes you double take and go hmm. The byline was “Closing the gap between your day job and your dream job.” It all sounded intriguing to me. My brother had read it, and enjoyed it. I borrowed it from him, and breezed through it. It was funny, witty and very useful tool, that is if you had any idea what your dream job might be. Me? I hadn’t a clue. I have never been much of a dreamer. Once I realized I was never going to play in the NBA and that Britney Spears (pre-buzzed head crazy Britney) wasn’t going to marry me for my millions, I kinda stopped dreaming. (The second dream lasting way longer than the first mind you.) So how could I turn a day job into a dream job, if I didn’t have a dream? I didn’t know.

A dream job? Really? What does that even mean? I had no idea where to start. Hmm, Start. Interesting word. Thankfully, my answer came a few months after reading “Quitter” with the release of a new book by Mr. Acuff. “Start“, the book happened to be released on my birthday in 2013, so as birthday gift to myself I preordered it. At this time, I still had no idea what a dream job might look like for me. However, the book came from an author I liked and enjoyed reading and I thought it might give me an avenue to find out something that I might just be able to turn into a dream job. What a journey that has turned into.

In “Start”, Acuff walks you through the steps of venturing through the mine field that your subconscious creates by telling you that you can’t do that, or someone already does that better than you could dream of doing it, or no one needs what you could provide and encourages you to write down goals. Organize your thoughts. He talks about the power that fear has when ideas stay jumbled in your mind and that fears enemy is clarity. With his advice and encouragement through the book, I was able to list out and narrow down a list of things that not only I enjoy doing, but could earn a living at as well.

In October, I will be attending Financial Coaching training in Nashville, Tennessee with Dave Ramsey and his team of leaders. I am supremely excited to join this venture. Through the guidance of “Start” I was able to narrow down something that I love, helping people discover financial freedom, and start exploring how someday I can turn that into a full-time position to support my family. I have a lot of honing to do on this craft. Tasha and I continue to have the amazing opportunity to volunteer and facilitate Financial Peace classes through our church. I started this blog, to help get my feelings and thoughts out to you my readers and friends. I stopped being fearful of success, and started chasing it. I don’t know what this will all lead to, but I can’t begin to express the freedom and clarity I achieved through Jon Acuff’s two books. I hope that if you are in the same spot I was, stuck by paralysis of analysis and getting blown up in that sub conscience mine field of self-doubt and fear, that this blog post will just be the first nudge for you toward a life altering decision to change your dream job. What are you waiting for? Start!!


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