New month, new budget!

Tomorrow begins a brand new month. This means that Tasha and I will have another budget committee meeting to discuss this month’s budget. It is always important to meet each month, at the beginning of the month, to discuss each month’s little nuances. So what do we have on deck for this month??

We have the unique opportunity this month to travel to Nashville, Tennessee next week for  Dave Ramsey’s Master Series on Financial Coaching. I will be partaking in the training while Tasha gets in some relaxation during the day and planning our sight seeing and dining out experiences for the week. In order to stay on budget, we will be using Groupon a ton and also have been exploring deals at hotels, on rental cars and entertainment. We have been planning this trip for a couple months now and have been planning to pay for all of this IN CASH. I never again want to take a trip that I have to continue paying for when I get home. We did that on our honeymoon…that’s a sore subject! Check back on the blog next week for updates on the class and our trip.

Things to begin thinking about:

Yes, in case you hadn’t realized…the holidays are right around the corner! Normally, in November, we tend to adjust our grocery budget to include some extra cash for entertaining. Our house tends to be the gathering point and you never know when someone may drop by for a meal or two. Tasha also works with a group of coaches at school that love her baking…so she hooks them up!

Christmas is coming! You have two months to try and save up to pay cash this year. Similar to vacations, Christmas is so much for fun on the giving spectrum when you don’t receive the bill in January. Giving out of the heart and not obligation is so much fun, but you need to be in  a place financially to be able to do so! What is your plan this year to attack the Christmas gift budget? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

What unique or unusual items are you budgeting for this month? I would love to hear from you!



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