Day 1 of Financial Coaching Master Series: Meeting Dave and customer service done right

After seeing 3 different airports yesterday without leaving the state of Texas, Tasha and I finally made it to Nashville yesterday. We had a long day of flying and Tasha found out that turbulence and pregnancy are not friends. Due to those two things, we had a interesting grocery store dinner (sushi and ramen noodles) and a night of TV watching in the hotel. I have to admit, I was a little nervous for the Financial Coaching class, so a nice, chill evening was great.

We woke up this morning to a cacophony of odd noises. Our hotel neighbors alarm was going off at 5:45!!! It went off for about 5 minutes straight. Then their phone started ringing, presumably the front desk after complaints from another angry neighbor. What we ended up with was a symphony of annoying rings! After dozing back to sleep, we were startled awake again at 8 by, what I would put down as, one of the loudest thunderclaps I have ever heard. Lubbock thunderstorms were definitely given a run for their money in that department. At this point, we were convinced it was time to get around and get out and check out the city.

Tasha has been doing some research on places to eat in Nashville and we landed on a winner, quickly! Puckett’s Grocery and Restaurant was fantastic. Located in downtown Nashville, it was like stepping into a old country store. The food and service was delicious and efficient. Bubba’s Eggs Benedict with fried chicken & fried eggs piled on a fresh buttermilk biscuit and smothered in country gravy was a great way to start the day. In order to help the waistline, and burn the extra time on the parking meter, we took a quick walk around town to do some more exploring, then we hopped into the rental car and headed to the Opry Mills mall. I heard rumors there was a Nike Outlet there…it didn’t take much convincing for me.

The Opry Mills mall is HUGE! We were not expecting that. We had about an hour and a half to burn before I had to get to Financial Peace Plaza for class, and Tasha was quick to inform me that this would not be her last trip there this week. I, of course agreed, especially since this weekend is a holiday weekend and there should be even more great sales! After knocking out some Christmas shopping (we got some amazing deals and knocked out a few nieces and nephews at the Disney Outlet), it was time to head toward Dave!

For those that don’t know, and I not sure how that would be possible if you have read this blog, I have been blessed with the opportunity to enroll in this session of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Coaching Master Series. Having only ever listened to his radio show, reading his books and facilitating his Financial Peace courses, I really didn’t know what to expect. No matter what I would have expected though, my expectations would have been exceeded.

Tasha and I showed up about an hour before my class began. We wondered in to the Financial Peace Plaza only to realize that Dave was doing his live show for the day at that time. We walked into the atrium and we were immediately greeted and welcomed in. They asked us if there was any refreshments they could get us. Wow, what a welcome! The precious woman, we will call Nicole (since I can’t recall her name for the life of me), that greeted us, started to ask us about ourselves and we found out that her boss was someone from Lubbock that Tasha had grown up with! Crazy small world. She invited us to look around the bookstore. Now, I own just about every Dave book there is. However, I had recently given one of my books away to someone I am currently coaching. I had planned on replacing it here, because well, when in Rome, you know? I mentioned to Nicole and Tasha that I did need to replace that book since I had given it away. No sooner than the words left my lips, I had a copy in my hands…only it was gifted to me by Nicole! I was stunned! After stammering a minute and forcing a ‘Thank you’ from my stunned lips, I turned around to see Dave Ramsey himself stepping out of the booth to come and greet those in the lobby. I can only imagine the look of lameness that was all over my face. Why do I get so weird in these situations? I have no idea, but I just hope I didn’t say anything completely stupid to him! After watching a few more minutes of the radio show, it was time to head over to the conference center.

We had a short session today, led by one of Dave Ramsey’s speaking team members Chris Hogan. Don’t worry, future posts will have a ton more information about what I am learning in these sessions for sure!

I learned some great tips and approaches to coaching today that I will use over and over again when I get the chance to coach more and more clients. The idea that stopped me in my tracks the most today, however, was the amazing job Dave’s team does at practicing what it preaches. The amazing customer service I received IMMEDIATELY after stepping into FPP was incredible. The professionalism and courtesy for their customer carried directly on into the Master Series class as well. You know a company is successfully passing on their mission when you feel their mission the minute you walk in the door. I have never needed an excuse to be a bigger Dave Ramsey fan-boy, but today…it happened. Thank you Dave and Dave’s team for creating a top notch experience. Today was only day one, I have no doubt it will continue to impress.

A great lesson in customer service lived out in person. Customer service is not lip service, it is a mindset and doesn’t have to be forced.


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