Day 2 of Financial Coaching Master Series: Touring Ramsey Solutions

Change is inevitable, and so is death. Morbid, I know. One of the most interesting things I learned about today had nothing to do with ‘financial coaching’, but with a succession plan at Dave Ramsey’s company and brand.

When Tasha and I were leaving class last night, we drove past a building with a sign that said “Ramsey Solutions”. Neither of us had any idea what that was. Today, I got to find out, directly from the horse’s mouth…as the saying goes. Dave blessed our class today with about a 45 minute talk and Q&A session. He let us in on some upcoming things, that he swore our secrecy on! He also explained the hard and challenging restructuring his company has gone through the last few years and the changes that came from the restructuring.

In order to prevent the company possibly ‘going with Dave’, he truly wanted to train up a team that would be able to take over and leave the company in good hands. Not to make sure that his name stays relevant, but the ministry! They decided to gradually phase out the use of “Dave Ramsey’s…” and begin to use “Ramsey Solutions presents…” This allows for someone without the surname of ‘Ramsey’ to carry on the message. Leadership at its finest. After all, leadership is not about what YOU do but what you help OTHERS do. Dave has appointed a team of “Ramsey Personalities” that will continue to carry the message of Financial Peace on to the next generation.

I appreciated his transparency and I continue to be excited to align myself with his vision & dreams by helping to continue spreading it within my church and my own circle of influence.


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