New Year Essentials Review: Writing a Will

1 game left. The season comes down to this! Wives, after this coming Sunday, your husbands will have no excuses for wasting a whole Sunday on the couch. After the Big Game, you will finally have a, somewhat, willing participant in the ‘Honey Do’ list you have been compiling for the last 20 weeks or so. We are still in the first month of a new year, so you can take the opportunity of a few wide open Sunday afternoons and review the financial framework of your household. The New Year is a great time to reevaluate and assess your estate plan and finance goals for the year. New calendar = New opportunities!

In this series, we will touch on estate planning, budgeting and more. You will notice some articles will be re-posts from previous dates on my blog, but I will be adding a few, new little tid bits along the way.

This week’s New Year Essentials emphasis is about creating/maintaining a will. A will can be a solemn thing to think about, it isn’t exciting and not many people like to talk about them, but, boy, are they essential! Click below and read about why I feel having a will is one of the best ways to tell your family that you loved them, even after you are gone.

Check out my advice and suggestions for having a will here!


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