The Best Kind of Car

Not long ago I was sitting in a drive thru waiting for my order to be filled. The guy that was helping me couldn’t help but notice the car that I was driving. “That’s a mighty car you got there. Crown Vic?” (referring to a Ford Crown Victoria). My reply was, “Actually, its a Mercury Grand Marquis. You should see the looks I get when I get out of this baby at the cardiologist office.”

It’s true. I drive a car that most grandmothers or grandfathers would be proud of. In fact, my nephew asked me the other day if my car was from the olden days. I tried to get him to specify what he meant by asking, “Do you mean, is my car usually one driven by an older person?” Instead of being embarrassed by my car, I have embraced it for one rather huge reason…ITS PAID FOR! I don’t have any car payments. In fact, we own both of our cars outright. No monthly payments.

This hasn’t always been the case. We bought our first car as a married couple with a car loan. At the time, we felt like we were making a smart purchase. We were able to buy the car well below market value. However, it did tie us to a monthly payment for five years. On this side of things, I can easily imagine all of the things I could have done with that monthly payment and the money that we spent on interest.

As our cars age, it is our goal to begin paying ourselves a car payment each month. Instead of paying interest to a bank, we plan to pay cash for our next car. There is so much more bargaining power when you walk in with cash. Also, you are not adding any monthly stress to your budget.

Next time you take your paid for car into the shop, two months in a row, for repairs, thank God that you don’t have to make that payment every month. If it begins to become a regular occurrence, have a plan, save, and pray that the Lord brings you the best car for you and your family.



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