No, that mountain isn’t your enemy…you are.

“It is not the mountain (of debt) we conquer, but ourselves.” Sir Edmund Hilary, with additions by me.

Sir Edmund Hilary, yeah, the guy who was the first man (along with a pretty hard working Sherpa) credited with summiting the tallest mountain on Earth, Mt. Everest. I don’t know why this quote caught my eye. It may have been because of who it came from. Mr. Hilary knows mountains, so any quote of his with the word ‘mountain’ in it, gets my attention. If Henry Ford is talking cars, you’re gonna listen. Yes, Steve Jobs, I want to listen to what you have to say about computers. These are experts in their industry; their words hold weight. I may have also noticed the quote because when I saw it, it had been tweeted by one of my heroes, Dave Ramsey.

Now Dave did not add the two small words in the quotation marks. However, it is possible that because Dave is the guru of debt reduction, the idea of a mountain of debt popped into my head. It also could be the fact that, depending on the day, our mountain of debt feels incredibly debilitating. It takes my breath away. It is terrifying. I look at the summit and I see nothing but impossible. In this case though, the mountain isn’t my enemy. I am.

I know that we are making progress each month. Each month we don’t add debt, we win. Every month we pay a little more on our loans, we win. Each step up the mountain, is a win. The loans do not tell me that I won’t make it. I do. The loans don’t tell me that it is going to take forever. I do. The loans don’t tell me quit. I do.

In the matters of our budget, the budget is not the naysayer. It is just paper with numbers on it. Do not let your circumstances get you down. Progress can be marred by misappropriation of blame. When I realize that my thoughts are our biggest enemy, winning each thought becomes my battle. I can conquer those battles. I can win and will win.

When times get tough, remember what Mr. Hilary said, ourselves (and our thoughts) are what we need to conquer.


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