Budget Stretchers

Each month brings special events, holidays, birthdays and anniversaries. We budget a certain amount each month for these such occasions. Some months are heavy in the social calendar and others are light, so that amount varies month to month. Hence the importance of monthly budget meetings and also a great opportunity to look for ways to strrrrrrretch the budget.

Each year, Fathers Day and our anniversary (8 blissful years with the love of my life. I married up, and I know it!) fall in the same week. A way we decided to stretch our budget may sound a little unromantic, but we love it.

Greeting cards are fun, for like, 30 seconds. Ok, ok, the Hoops and Yoyo cards are funny for 2 minutes, unless you have a 4 year old. They go from being fun for 2 minutes to being banned from ever being opened again in 5 minutes. Because neither Tasha or I are terribly sentimental when it comes to greeting cards, we make a yearly trip to the greeting card aisle together for our anniversary card exchange. We read the cards, find ones we ‘would’ buy for each other, exchange them, read them, and put them back!! Awesome! No spending $3-7 (because I normally buy two, that’s how you marry up boys!) for 30 seconds of reading before she opens her gift.

This may not sound like much, but we just saved $10-12 bucks and both of us are happy! We created fun memories for free! Everyone wins.

DISCLAIMER: Husbands, know your wife before you bring up this idea. Don’t ruin your anniversary over saving a few bucks. If you are crafty at all, making your own cards is also an option. If she is too sentimental to eliminate the card exchange, she will love a homemade care for sure!


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